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i everyone!

Just wanted to say thanks to you all for attending, supporting,spreading the word and/or performing at the cafe over the last year. On a personal note, it’s strange to think that I never knew many of you this time last year and feel that, alongside the odd freebie coffees I get from Lloyd and Jean the biggest pleasure I get through my involvement with the cafe is meeting so many talented, innovative, genuine people who are not only happy to come and share their talent but also listen, support and encourage other like minded people. I’ve enjoyed watching people’s talent unfold and grow month on month whether it be in comedy, music, poetry or theatre. Hell! this is sounding like the Queen’s Christmas broadcast!!! I hope you know what I mean.

We’re upping the gear a bit at the Cafe in the New Year and have some great events lined up and hope you’ll be able to get involved by having some nights out at the cafe and also spread the word (see below for details)

On behalf of Jean, Lloyd and myself – a big thanks for your support and we hope you hav a fab Xmas and that 2011 is better than any year you’ve ever had and only to be bettered by 2012 and every year thereafter…not much to ask eh??

Here’s what’s happening over the next few weeks –

weather permitting we’ve got the songwriters Circle on wed 29th Dec at 8pm when local (and not so local songwriters bring their guitars (or whatever) and take turns at performing their songs. all ages, styles and levels of ability welcome – Listeners also most welcome!!! adnmission free!

then on Thursday 6th Jan we’ve got the coffee shop poets open mic for poetry and spoken word – again, free to all – starts 8pm

Sunday 23rd of Jan we’re re-starting the’ Lazy Sunday Afternoon’ sessions. two acoustic acts each do a 45 min set – admision free starts 3pm – a chilled out way to see out the weekend

Wed 26th Jan we’re back round to the songwriters circle again

Sat 29th Jan 8pm – our new, revamped comedy night with stand up, sketches and possibly comedy music‘Laffs@The Caff’ (£3.50 – bring your own wine or beer – in moderation S’il vous plait!!)  the very best in new and more established comedy from around the region with a different MC every Month…this month’s MC..a real rising star – brought to you all the way from the Jobcentre…Mr Aaron Twitchen

Thurs 3rd Feb Coffees hop Poets – open mic for spoken word and poetry

Friday 4th – The Espresso Sized Theatre 3 – an evening of short- sharp plays under 30minsby local writers and performers (£3.00 BYO drink)

Hope to see you at some or better still all the events!

Have a great Xmas  and a brilliant new year




Wrote Under Publishing Co-operative


Publishing and Sunday Xpress Announcements: It’s not so long so much as something new…


As some of you may be aware Wrote Under co-operative has now been operating for five years undertaking publishing projects and hosting their own successful event The Sunday Xpress as well as performing at events across the country.

Since 2005 we have published no fewer than four boos- ranging from short stories poetry and two novels. We achieved sales of all of the projects; and reached our goal of publishing and putting the money back in to the co-operative- making a small profit (all generated for the co-operative use) and all of our members have gained valuable experience.


It is with sadness that I report after careful consideration it has been decided that Wrote Under will be putting all publishing projects on hold until father notice. This decision has been made by members who now feel that other commitments must now be a priority. As it stands Wrote Under will continue to hold the funds generated in the co-operative bank account until either new members come forward with a new project or existing members are able to re-group.


Wrote Under has now decided to focus their energies on the monthly creative collaborative that is the Sunday Xpress. The gig is an open mic and free event and hosts performers from all over the West Midlands from poet’s musician’s thespians novelist’s dancers and comedians. Anything goes and we never turn down a performer. There’s a wine raffle (hurrah!) free food great atmosphere the event happens on the third Sunday of every month; at The Adam and Eve pub Street Digbeth from 3pm.


We strongly believe in freedom of speech freedom to be creative (and discover self and community) and that creativity and access to the arts should be free; allowing a wide demographic of people to discover spoken word literature music and art and to develop a sense of community belonging and self. We are committed to coming together as one to learn new skills share experiences and foster growth.


With this in mind ; we would are pleased to be able to invite performers musicians artists listeners and all interested parties to our Sunday Xpress meetings on the new day of THE FIRST FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH at the Spotted Dog Digbeth. This will be an opportunity to share ideas about the gig and to be involved in the promotions and planning aspect of the monthly gig.  A great opportunity for performers to get involved in the running of a gig and for anyone wanting to get involved in promotions and marketing. In particular we are planning an arts and photography exhibition in 2011 and would love some guests who want to be involved in any of our themes. The afternoons will continue with an open mic but running alongside this there will be an opportunity to enjoy performances on our exciting themes.  The New Year will see us visiting ‘resolutions’ -and almost certainly breaking a few whilst February will play host to ‘Love Bites’ for the romantic poet in all of us. In March we will be enjoying ‘Irish literature and music’ afternoon and April sees a twist on the Easter celebrations with a spiritual and metaphysical theme.  Themes for the rest of the year coming soon!


Meetings for the gig -and for any-one wanting to meet lie minded creative individual’s tae place at The Spotted Dog Digbeth. Dates are:


Jan 7th

Then every first Friday of the month:

Feb 4th

March 4th

April 1st


Sunday Xpress Gig every third Sunday of the month the Adam and eve Digbeth from 3pm.


Dec 19th 2010 And every third Sunday in 2011!


Contact Sam on 07554259405 or You can also visit

Coming up at Cafe Abri.

News just in from my good friends at the cafe of up and coming events..

Wednesday 29th September @ 8pm (the last Wednesday of the Month) is The Songwriter’s Circle where song writers of all ages, styles and levels of ability can get together and play their songs in turn. As with all the events we hold at the café, the event is designed to be friendly, intimate and supportive. Admission is free and listeners are welcome too.

As this is a new event and we’re trying to build it up, it would help us a lot if you could pass word about it on to any songwriters you know.

Saturday, October 2nd @ 8pm a very special edition of the ‘Laff-a-cino’ our caffeine fuelled evening of comedy hosted by our very own MC Rachel Sambrooks, all the way from The Jobcenter and who appears at absolutely no expense whatsoever!!

This time round the café is proud to play host to a variety of new and more established comedy acts as part of The Birmingham Comedy Festival 2010…Rachel says’’s  The only new act competition in Birmingham Comedy Festival and it’s one with a Boho twist – come have a laugh at Laffacino New Act of the Year competition and everyone’s a winner!

Admission £3 and you can bring your own drink (in moderation please…anyone deemed to have brought in too much will have to share it with me) esquisite coffee, tea and naughty cake type stuff on offer (and you can still share it with me but baggsy the fork first..I don’t know where you’ve  been!!)

Thursday 7th of October @ 8pm (First Thursday of the Month) Coffee Shop Poets our monthly open mic for poetry and the spoken word. A place where poets and writers can share and perform their work to a welcoming and attentive audience. All genres welcome. Admission free – come and be dazzled and beguiled by our illustrious music stand…once called a ‘lectern’ no less…be warned… however good your performance…NO ONE upstages The Music Stand!



Hope you’re all safe and well and that you’ll be able to join us at the Café @ The Margarett Rose Abri 58-59 Cheapside Digbeth B12 0PG

Please email if you want any more info etc

Luv n Peace

Yes, it’s here….Birmingham Artsfest 2010.

Yes it’s here! Birmingham Artsfest- check us out!!!

Drama ‘Amanda Jane’ based on parenthood, childhood and everything in between from poet Sammy:

Samantha Hunt

Sunday 12th September 12.30 – 13.00 The Prince of Wales Pub The Prince of Wales Pub

Gentle and moving heartfelt drama. More information

Wrote Under goes large! Birmingham’s coolest creative collective. Poetry music comedy and drama.

Wrote Under

Sunday 12th September 16.30 – 17.00 The Prince of Wales Pub The Prince of Wales Pub

Comedy drama poetry stories. More information

For full listings visit:

Bring Me The Head Of Kelvin Mackenzie

Bring Me The Head of Kelvin Mackenzie

Bring me the head of Kelvin Mackenzie

A muse of fire

Adding grist to my mill

A reminder of what he’s done

Above my writing table on a silver platter

His face staring arrogant, chin tucked in, mouth in perpetual sneer

Bring me the head of Kelvin Mackenzie

Stoking the flames of everyman anger

From ignored bingo’winged housewives

Portly men on the site

To the detached dwelling self employed

Spouting their spite

Adoration to their poster boy

Standing arrogantly in a sports jacket and slacks

Bring me the head of Kelvin Mackenzie

A man who has made a comfortable living

Giving the public what they want

Exploiting and creating the ignorance of the bloke in the pub

The bloke in the pub doesn’t appear on the BBC

The bloke in the pub doesn’t appear on ITV

The bloke in the pub chokes on his cirrhoses and bile

Conditioned against change conditioned against hope

Only fears and rages as he turns the back pages

Bring me the head of Kelvin Mackenzie

A man that helps only himself

Silence his voice to give others a chance

Save him from himself

Bring me the head of Kelvin Mackenzie

Save him from himself

A former giant of marketing and communications

And journalistic charisma

Now piddling about with afternoon TV

And column inch bile

A shadow of his former self

A sad insane figure behind a veneer of bluster

Cut his head off whilst he’s still got the fire

And remember him for what he’s done

Bring me the head of Kelvin Mackenzie

Flyers and posters for below gigs!

In association with 333 Half Evil – Saturday 7th August

Saturday 7th August sees 333 Half Evil’s Jammin with Jefferama poetry and acoustic  tour hit Birmingham, where they’ll be dropping by the Adam and Eve in Digbeth for the evening.

The night will featuring two of the city’s leading poets, Brendan Higgins and Louis Campbell, with two of the best songwriters from the region in Lizzy Piffany and Dik Guru. The night will be headlined by local beat combo where who will come prepared with fancy sounds and marvellous dress. There will also be open mic slots available for any poet who would like to join us – places will be limited.

The show will start at 8pm sharp, please arrive early to avoid disappointment. Showcasing the best in Birmingham’s underground talent, this will be an event not to be missed.  

For more info please contact Jim on

The Adam and Eve

54 Bradford Street


B12 0JD

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