Wrote Under: The Movie – what, why, how and who

So yes, I think it’s time to fill you in on where this whole crazy venture came from and why we’re doing it and where it’s going and all that, in the hope that the short bits we’re releasing on the blog will make a bit more sense to the general public!

It all started when a friend of Wrote Under set up a meeting between us and Adrian Goldberg of The Stirrer and TalkSport Radio. Adrian also has his own film production company, Kick in the Grass, and our friend suggested we might be able to convince him to make a film about the weird and wonderful goings-on at our monthly open mic, The Sunday Xpress. What we didn’t realise was that the world of filmmaking isn’t quite as simple as that! As we’re now learning, it takes a huge amount of time and effort to make a film, and a crew of busy professionals quite rightly can’t work for free. But Adrian’s a helpful sort of the most humbling kind and encouraged us to have a go at it ourselves – even offering ongoing practical and moral support to help us get there.

So off we went brimming with ideas and renewed love of humanity, and came up with a plan. A wildly ambitious and overblown plan involving a cast of thousands and stopping at nothing short of a full survey of Birmingham’s underground open mic scene and the strange array of characters who inhabit it, plus an in-depth study of our members’ mental health issues past and present to demonstrate how great Wrote Under’s been for us. More


Classic Dorm rant – bootleg material

This hasn’t found its place in the movie yet, but I’ve always had high hopes it would go far. Dorm rants a lot. Here he is ranting about parmesan cheese in the Prince of Wales in Moseley. Click here to see him in Wrote Under: The Movie for the full visual effect of the Dorm Experience.

Dorm Parmesan Rant

Wrote Under: The Movie – Take Two

Slightly later than expected, please enjoy the latest bit of stuff from the Wrote Under work-in-progress. Intended as a sneak preview only, this clip gives a hint of the storyline we’re currently exploring. There’s an extended version of this where me and Sam start pulling each other’s hair out but she hasn’t given me permission to use it yet so I hope this will do in the meantime. Let me know what you think. No manifesto this time! But if I could just mention one or two things…


Wrote Under: The Movie – take one

Yes, we were serious when we said we were making a movie about ourselves. And here’s the proof.

This isn’t the finished product, filming is ongoing. We’re going to regularly release bits and pieces along the way and not all of it will necessarily go into the big film. Let us know what you think! But take the following into consideration:


Wrote Under: The Movie

We’ve decided to make a film because we think we’re that interesting. It’s kind of taken over from the blog as my latest enthusiasm but I’ll try and continue posting stuff here anyway, since we love you and want you to come and watch our film when it’s done.

Here’s a compilation of stuff I did before I’d really discussed it with anyone and could still imagine it was all about me.