Stop Press – Sunday Xpress date change – 13.02.2011

Due to unfortunate circumstances this month’s Sunday Xpress has moved from the 20th to the 13th – that’s this weekend! Come down for some pre-Valentine’s Day open mic action to get you in the mood for a day of loving togetherness or misanthropic singledom – every way, you’ll be the winner! Poets, buskers, experimentalists all welcome. Doors are open 3 and show starts at 4.30ish! X


Sammy on the radio…

Lovely poet (and now actress!) Sammy waxes lyrical on The Crumble…



Events at the cafe…

Hi Everyone – it was only two mins ago I was wishing you a Merry Xmas and saying a tearful, handkercheif waving farewell to 2010 and now it’s almost Feb it my imagination or is it getting LIGHTER around 5pm???

This week at the cafe, we have The Coffee Shop Poets open mic for spoken word and poetry – come and read your work or just sit and listen and enjoy. Admission free and starts at 8pm on Thursday 3rd Feb!

Then… Friday 4th of Feb we have our much anticipated Espresso Sized Theatre 3 – a feast of short sharp plays to keep you buzzing! This time we have on the programe:

Breaking Free – Mary Rochford
Cooking – Aaron Twitchen
For Pete’s Sake – Louise Stokes
The Ghosts of Pere Lachaise – Stuart Zola
Amanda Jane – Sam Hunt

Starts 8pm and admission is £3 (you can byo wine or enjoy Lloyd’s famous ‘stay awake for days’ coffee!!)

I’ve attached a poster with full details – if anyone felt like sticking one up on the office notice board or something – we’d be sooooooo grateful!!

Here’s to a mild, bright, exciting February!!!



The cafe is at  58-59 Cheapside Digbeth,the Old Post Office (just next door to The Edge).  On the corner of Bradford St and Birchall St.

Events for Feb 2011

Hello all,


Here’s our events for this month:
Wrote Under Collective informal relaxed sharing of ideas and events. The Spotted Dog, Digbeth from 6pm. Free in. Friday 11th Feb.
The Sunday Xpress open mic. Comedy,stories,poetry,music and theatre. All welcome. Plenty of open mic spots from 4pm. The Adam and Eve pub, Digbeth. Roasties and a raffle! With a valentines theme.  Sunday 20th Feb.
Sammy Wrote Under. x

Oh dear.. A little confused..

Hi All


There’s been a bit of confusion over the dates for our events, so to clarify:
Poetry and a pint meetings
The Spotted Dog Digbeth from 6pm.
Free informal creative get together for Wrote Under Co-Operative.
Friday 14th Jan 2011 and every 2nd Friday thereafter.
Sunday Xpress open mic
Free food, raffle and free entry to the coolest open mic in town (well, Ok, Digbeth). All welcome to the creative calamity that is The Xpress-poetry, music, comedy,stories, theatre.
3pm kick off.
Sunday 23rd Jan 2011
The Adam and Eve Pub Digbeth.
Contact Sammy on 07554259405.

Wrote Under events 2011!

Hi all and a very happy new year!  2011 promises to be another exciting year and here’s a look at what’s coming up in January..

Wrote Under Creative Cauldron meetings  The Spotted Dog Digbeth from 6pm. Free entry. Friday 14th and 28th Jan.
A chance to meet creative people, friendly informal chat and to get involved in the co-operative. Drop in from 6pm.

Sunday Xpress Open Mic The Adam and Eve, Digbeth. Free entry. Doors open 3pm. Sunday 16th Jan.
The free open mic enters it’s fifth year! Hosting everything from music, plays and poety the Sunday Xpress will open 2011 with a wine raffle, free food and a creative mix. Featuring guest readers to be announced on Jan 14th!!!
Don’t forget we take submissions for the blog : so send your musing, rants,videos, gig listings and artwork to


Wrote Under Publishing Co-operative


Publishing and Sunday Xpress Announcements: It’s not so long so much as something new…


As some of you may be aware Wrote Under co-operative has now been operating for five years undertaking publishing projects and hosting their own successful event The Sunday Xpress as well as performing at events across the country.

Since 2005 we have published no fewer than four boos- ranging from short stories poetry and two novels. We achieved sales of all of the projects; and reached our goal of publishing and putting the money back in to the co-operative- making a small profit (all generated for the co-operative use) and all of our members have gained valuable experience.


It is with sadness that I report after careful consideration it has been decided that Wrote Under will be putting all publishing projects on hold until father notice. This decision has been made by members who now feel that other commitments must now be a priority. As it stands Wrote Under will continue to hold the funds generated in the co-operative bank account until either new members come forward with a new project or existing members are able to re-group.


Wrote Under has now decided to focus their energies on the monthly creative collaborative that is the Sunday Xpress. The gig is an open mic and free event and hosts performers from all over the West Midlands from poet’s musician’s thespians novelist’s dancers and comedians. Anything goes and we never turn down a performer. There’s a wine raffle (hurrah!) free food great atmosphere the event happens on the third Sunday of every month; at The Adam and Eve pub Street Digbeth from 3pm.


We strongly believe in freedom of speech freedom to be creative (and discover self and community) and that creativity and access to the arts should be free; allowing a wide demographic of people to discover spoken word literature music and art and to develop a sense of community belonging and self. We are committed to coming together as one to learn new skills share experiences and foster growth.


With this in mind ; we would are pleased to be able to invite performers musicians artists listeners and all interested parties to our Sunday Xpress meetings on the new day of THE FIRST FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH at the Spotted Dog Digbeth. This will be an opportunity to share ideas about the gig and to be involved in the promotions and planning aspect of the monthly gig.  A great opportunity for performers to get involved in the running of a gig and for anyone wanting to get involved in promotions and marketing. In particular we are planning an arts and photography exhibition in 2011 and would love some guests who want to be involved in any of our themes. The afternoons will continue with an open mic but running alongside this there will be an opportunity to enjoy performances on our exciting themes.  The New Year will see us visiting ‘resolutions’ -and almost certainly breaking a few whilst February will play host to ‘Love Bites’ for the romantic poet in all of us. In March we will be enjoying ‘Irish literature and music’ afternoon and April sees a twist on the Easter celebrations with a spiritual and metaphysical theme.  Themes for the rest of the year coming soon!


Meetings for the gig -and for any-one wanting to meet lie minded creative individual’s tae place at The Spotted Dog Digbeth. Dates are:


Jan 7th

Then every first Friday of the month:

Feb 4th

March 4th

April 1st


Sunday Xpress Gig every third Sunday of the month the Adam and eve Digbeth from 3pm.


Dec 19th 2010 And every third Sunday in 2011!


Contact Sam on 07554259405 or You can also visit

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