The genius of the Getgood

I’m really slow on the uptake with this, but shit me – Getgood’s bloody got gooder and written a song. Or reworked a song. But she’s done it better than me and my shit song Old Birmingham, which was coming from the same place and aiming for the same thing but just didn’t quite get there. Please listen to this. Right now. More


Another cry for help from Sammy…

565,000: I am one.

Last month, housing charity Shelter announced that there are now 565,000 overcrowded households in England. I am one of these overcrowded households. I currently live in a bedsit with my 16-month-old daughter. More

Sammy Chav hits back

Another classic rant from Sammy Hunt…

Aha! I’m glad that you are all familiar with my mate Kimmy Sue Anne, because I think that I might be turning in to a chav. According to this and this and this I am anyway.

Yeah, I’m twenty-one. Yeah, my hair is bleached blonde. Yeah, I got pregnant young. Yeah, I claim benefits. Yeah, I grew up on a council estate. But does that make me a bad person? Or even a bad mum? I don’t think so! More

Big Bren quote of the day

Martin Mullaney – a man so despicable he would sell his grammar.”

Sammy’s on her beefbox. Again.

Ranting Wrote Under ringleader Sammy goes off on one. This time it’s King’s Heath (or is that Kings Heath? Or K’ings H’eath?) that’s got her goat.


Beorma, Big Brother, and Bumsex

Do you know what comes up in my Microsoft Word thesaurus when I type in “erection”? I’ll tell you. DESTRUCTION. Albeit as an antonym, but that was the word that caught my eye when the list popped up, so I’ll run with it. They’re planning to build a giant rectangular power-cock tower-block rubbing right up against Selfridges’ sparkly boobs, and it pisses me right off.

 Artists' impression of the ultimate male fantasy