Classic Dorm rant – bootleg material

This hasn’t found its place in the movie yet, but I’ve always had high hopes it would go far. Dorm rants a lot. Here he is ranting about parmesan cheese in the Prince of Wales in Moseley. Click here to see him in Wrote Under: The Movie for the full visual effect of the Dorm Experience.

Dorm Parmesan Rant


Getgood head

I love Nicky Getgood’s weird finds on Digbeth is Good. More blogs like this please!


Celebrating Diversity #2: Brothers of the Brush

OK, this is getting a bit Wigan-centric now but the folk of my hometown make great video stars. I am humbled by their genius for political commentary.

Celebrating diversity #1: Dirty Harry

There’s someone I’d like you all to meet.

This is my cousin Harry. More