St Patrick’s Literary Festival Update

Good morning, this is Jim providing an update on the proposed St Patrick’s Literary Festival.

I have had an email from Kent Davis asking if all interested parties could meet next Tuesday at the Spotted Dog Pub on Warwick in Digbeth next Tuesday at 6pm. This will be a meeting to explain the ethos behind the gig, and what it plans to achieve. A map is provided for those unfamiliar with the area…

The Spotted Dog
104 Warwick Street
Birmingham, B12 0NH, UK
0121 772 3822

Furthermore, we have a proposed date for the event – Tuesday 16th March, at 7pm. The event will take place at the Old Crown in Digbeth, which is on the main High Street in Digbeth, positioned near the entrance of the Custard Factory. Please see the attached flyer, and forward it on to any parties that you think may be interested.

If you have any further questions then do not hesitate to contact me or Kent about this matter.


James Kennedy


“Saturnz Return” by James Kennedy

The young Saturnalian closes his door and his mind. His room bathed in indigo twilight, radiating beams of technicolored puce off his heliotrope bedspread. It is nine minutes past the forty second hour in the third rise. Outside, amidst the indigo skies, Alpha1 (for that is the boys name) observes grimly the inhabitants hovering around the local imbibery. Of course, being Saturn, one doesn’t have to order a drink like people like you or I do, they simply think drink and it gradually seeps into their bloodstreams at carefully regulated intervals. More

“Truck” by James Kennedy

He had never worn fake eyelashes before tonight. It wasn’t so much the lack of confidence, just one thing that he had never tried. Maybe they’d get in the way behind the wheel. Imagine them flickering up and down as you tried to navigate between fast and slow lanes. The false nails had taken practice. A few scars when crossing hands over the wheel, but it was the look, dammit. More