Bohemian Jukebox @ The Vic, Friday 8th May 2009 – A Review

So! It’s Friday night at The Victoria in John Bright Street, Birmingham. The Victoria is fast becoming one of the number 1 pubs here in the city, following a great refurb restoring amazing original features, offering lovely pints of Stowford Press followed by quick shots of 12 year oak aged Glenmorangie (or whatever your poison is – the Vic has an excellent bar), comfy chairs, fun had by people of all ages and of course the hot bar staff who are very hot indeed. The only downside to the pub are the toilets which inspired the following poem: More


Jimmy Fantastik – the golden era of the New Jerusalem

A trip down memory lane for his fans. What follows is an early New Jerusalem foray into the film / song hybrid form. He changed the direction of Wrote Under forever. Let us celebrate him as he lies spluttering and oozing on his sickbed following an operation to remove a mutant flap of something from his ear.

Sunday Xpress Gold

Ahhh those golden afternoons and forgotten evenings of the original Sunday Xpress at the erstwhile Market Tavern. This is Big Bren’s Combo doing Bren’s classic poem Shopping Shopping Shopping, the improv cacophany version. I want to credit the other guys too, but I don’t know all their names. But thanks to Qwoonsweird for the video.

Sunday Xpress footage – Nicola Goff

This is Nicola Goff (aka Louise Stokes) at our Sunday Xpress gig in March. More footage to come, onstage and off! Big thanks to Dave Hinton of Mighty Frog Films for all the filming.

Lizzy Piffany on Brumcast

Rising star of the Wrote Under repertoire Lizzy Piffany has made it onto this week’s fine edition of the Brumcast podcast, with the stupendously sexist “I Hate Men”. Click here for the unmissable Brumcast #118: “The UK’s Burning”.

Celebrating diversity #1: Dirty Harry

There’s someone I’d like you all to meet.

This is my cousin Harry. More

“Drunk to Funk” by Big Bren

Here’s a track from Big Bren’s forthcoming concept album “The Night Before and The Morning After”

Big Bren – Drunk to Funk.mp3

He’ll be releasing it in association with local label Nectar Migraine.