Lazycraft Activity #2: Jarbies

Thanks to “Salt Boy” for this week’s LazyCraft suggestion:

Make a Jarbie © (put stuff in jars).

Why not see what bits and pieces and trinkets and bits of treasure you’ve got lying around the house. Put them in a jar and fill it with water. Put some coloured glitter in and maybe some chalk dust, and behold! A cornucopic mystic menagerie in a jar. Ideal cheap presents for special people.

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LazyCraft Activity #1: The Stealth Banana

Welcome to the first edition of our occasional feature, LazyCrafts, in which we’ll be bringing you a million and one ways to flex your creative muscle without flexing too much actual muscle. These activities are specially designed to make you look and feel completely out of place at the Ikon, while simultaneously giving you the inner confidence to shout “Trumpets!” at the top of your voice and twirl yourself about knocking everything over til you’re laughing so hard you wet yourself, all over their poncey white walls. Art? Nah mate. This is CREATIVITY. Everyone’s allowed to do it.