Wrote Under: The Movie – Take Two

Slightly later than expected, please enjoy the latest bit of stuff from the Wrote Under work-in-progress. Intended as a sneak preview only, this clip gives a hint of the storyline we’re currently exploring. There’s an extended version of this where me and Sam start pulling each other’s hair out but she hasn’t given me permission to use it yet so I hope this will do in the meantime. Let me know what you think. No manifesto this time! But if I could just mention one or two things…



Lizzy Piffany does Handy Homes for Creepy Crawlies live

Mighty Frog Films shall inherit the earth, I hath decreed it via my deep feminine wisdom. Check me out!

Wrote Under: The Movie – take one

Yes, we were serious when we said we were making a movie about ourselves. And here’s the proof.

This isn’t the finished product, filming is ongoing. We’re going to regularly release bits and pieces along the way and not all of it will necessarily go into the big film. Let us know what you think! But take the following into consideration:


Wrote Under: The Movie

We’ve decided to make a film because we think we’re that interesting. It’s kind of taken over from the blog as my latest enthusiasm but I’ll try and continue posting stuff here anyway, since we love you and want you to come and watch our film when it’s done.

Here’s a compilation of stuff I did before I’d really discussed it with anyone and could still imagine it was all about me.