Events at the cafe…

Hi Everyone – it was only two mins ago I was wishing you a Merry Xmas and saying a tearful, handkercheif waving farewell to 2010 and now it’s almost Feb it my imagination or is it getting LIGHTER around 5pm???

This week at the cafe, we have The Coffee Shop Poets open mic for spoken word and poetry – come and read your work or just sit and listen and enjoy. Admission free and starts at 8pm on Thursday 3rd Feb!

Then… Friday 4th of Feb we have our much anticipated Espresso Sized Theatre 3 – a feast of short sharp plays to keep you buzzing! This time we have on the programe:

Breaking Free – Mary Rochford
Cooking – Aaron Twitchen
For Pete’s Sake – Louise Stokes
The Ghosts of Pere Lachaise – Stuart Zola
Amanda Jane – Sam Hunt

Starts 8pm and admission is £3 (you can byo wine or enjoy Lloyd’s famous ‘stay awake for days’ coffee!!)

I’ve attached a poster with full details – if anyone felt like sticking one up on the office notice board or something – we’d be sooooooo grateful!!

Here’s to a mild, bright, exciting February!!!



The cafe is at  58-59 Cheapside Digbeth,the Old Post Office (just next door to The Edge).  On the corner of Bradford St and Birchall St.


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